Self service platforms

Do you have one place where your customer can go, to do everything she needs to? Self service is cost-effective and customer friendly always-on service.

Benefits for you: Giving your customer’s the power to answer their own questions, update their profiles/policies/billing and access relevant personal data, saves you support team costs.

Benefits for your customer: Users can log on anytime that suits them, they don’t have to speak to anyone and they can adjust what they need to, as and when they like.

We’ve built online binding and self service platforms for insurance portals that enable your customers to view and amend their policy details, claim and make policy endorsements.


Support and onboarding bots

An ‘always-on’ virtual assistant that helps your clients through a sale’s path, with policy management, with site navigation and general FAQs. In fact, we can train a bot to help your customer, as you specifically need.

Train, plug and play

The fastest route to having an on-brand bot working for you. All we need to do is train our agnostic bot product based on the data you give us and the result you need, and you’re good to go.

Be smart about your support

Bots support your support team by immediately handling those frequently-asked, basic to resolve, customer care & guidance questions that clog call centre lines and frustrate your agents.

The benefit is twofold: 1. Your customers get instant help without having to wait to be called back or navigate away from the action they’re trying to complete. 2.Your support team is more available to deal with the customer that has a more serious or complex issue, that requires human engagement.