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Cavalry Media is a results-driven web design, development and digital marketing agency. We assemble this three-tier armory of talents into one encompassing solution for digital struggles.

Our work is creative, disciplined and strategic. That’s why we’re fast and effective at doing what needs to be done in order for companies to thrive in a digital world.

What We Work On

We solve broad digital challenges using the effective combination of web design and development, content creation and performance media.

Depending on the solution needed, we build from scratch, repair and maintain.


Strategy & Consulting

Digital Marketing / Lead Generation

Performance Media

User Experience Design

Bespoke Web Development

Application Development

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SnapQuote Web App

We designed and built an easy to use insurance quote builder for IntegriSure. We‘re also responsible for driving high quality targeted traffic and leads to and through the platform.

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The Awethu Project

By managing their paid, owned and earned online channels we help the Awethu Project reach their online targets and ensure that they get the right message across.

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Mobile Testing Platform

We're in the process of releasing an interactive policy testing platform for large scale organisations. The app is designed to be an effecitive way to communicate with and evaluate key stake holders.

Rochester Furniture

We're involved in all of Rochester's digital touch points. This takes the form of development, strategy, communication and lead generation. We work to ensure that online sales targets are met.

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Triton Express Group

We designed and developed the Triton Express online platform and integrated it into their existing suite of online logistics tools.

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We drew on the brand's existing identity to design and develop a modern, responsive online presence while boosting visibility.

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Our Approach

We use our expertise to provide our clients with seamless interactive user experiences, creative communication strategies and new business opportunities.

Where we work

We work at the intersection of owned, earned and paid digital assets to create consolidated online solutions that are tailored to specific business objectives.

A combination of strategy, technology and creativity allows us to navigate the complexities of the cross-platform and multi-directional digital environment.